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Lemon Thyme Herb Plant, Tube stock or Potted Live Plant


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Lemon Thyme Herb

This is a tasty versatile herb as well as a great flowering attraction to your garden. Easy to grow it is drought tolerant it will grow in most conditions in Australia. It is great for culinary uses to flavour meats and vegetables and some salads. Handy to have around the home to harvest anytime you need it and the flowers wil attract the bees to assist polination of other plants. Continuously ‘tip’ the softer ends and this will encourage it to remain compact and bushy. Great as a ground cover.

With so many culinary uses, and health benefits, this herb, as well as adding flavor to meals and smelling lovely, is a must have for any garden.


Sun: - Full

Watering – light to moderate

Harvest – anytime

Height – up to 30cm

For tube stock you will receive:

-1 x younger rooted cutting, roots and any soil attached wrapped in moist netting for protection during travel. Advantages are roots are already starting to develop so usually settles into new ground easy and takes up minimal room with packaging. Cheaper than more advanced established potted plants.

For Potted plants you will receive:

- 1 x Plant in a lightweight flexible pot as described. These pots are used to save freight costs and ease of packaging (round pots don’t fit well in in square boxes). This pot’s function is meant to be a temporary home but will do quite nicely until they are acclimatized, and you are ready to plant into more stable potting. No need to re-pot immediately saving plant stress!

FLAT RATE SHIPPING OF $12.50 FOR ALL LIVE PLANTS. Order as many plants as you want and only pay the flat rate.

Cannot post to NT, WA, TAS or international due to quarantine restrictions

Shipping, packing and handling times

Plants are shipped on Monday/Tuesdays via Australia Post Express. Due to packing and handling times orders placed after 4pm Sunday will be shipped the following Monday week. 

All plants come with a 100% money back or replacement guarantee if it does not arrive in excellent condition. For refunds and replacements contact must be made no later than 48 hours after delivery of goods with photo verification of the damaged plants. All requests after 48 hours of delivery are subject to plants being in environmental conditions beyond our control and will not be replaced or refunded.