Donkey Tail Succulent Live Plant

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Common name:
Donkey Tail
Plant habit:
Part shade
Season of interest:
Spring, Summer, Autumn
Soil type:
Well Draining
Plant hardiness:
0 to 40+'C
Drought Resistant
Sedum Morganianum

Expected release date is 31st Oct 2021


Product Overview

Donkey Tail Succulent

Sedum Morganianum

Leaf Pods or potted plant with roots

 A hardy sun/semi-shade loving succulent that is quick growing and easy to care for. Best grown in a hanging pot under filtered light or a patio. When well established it will have runners that hang down long lengths that resembles a 'donkeys tail'. Easy to propagate from the leaves or stem, each stem or leaf that breaks off will take root if in contact with soil. 1 plant will give you multiple over a short period of time if propagated.

Characteristics: Protect from extreme frosts

Water: Light

Exposure: Prefers Part shade

Features: greeat for hanging baskets


FLAT RATE SHIPPING OF $12.50 FOR ALL LIVE PLANTS. Order as many plants as you want and only pay the flat rate.

Cannot post to NT, WA or TAS due to quarantine restrictions

A tracking number will also be supplied also so you can follow your order in transit!

For cuttings you will receive:

-10 x healthy leaves (no roots) that will strike easily once planted. Advantages are you get 10 plants in 1.

For tube stock you will receive: *(Important please read) *

1 x younger rooted cutting, these will be 8cm x 4cm tube pots. Plant size will be 2cm x 3.5cm (any larger and they will be root bound in the tube pots). Basically, they are juvenile cuttings that are 3-4 weeks into propagation and are starting to show signs of root strike and new leaf development. These are juvenile plants and NOT well-established plants. If you are looking for an established plant with a well-developed root system and multiple leaf growth, please select from the potted range (see below) or use the ‘inform me when in stock’ feature. For buyers on the ebay store please inbox us for details on availability.


Why do I sell tube stock? The advantage to tube stock is that they have a better success rate than cuttings as they are already showing signs of root strike. They are a lower cost than potted plants so multiple can be purchased for the same cost of 1 potted plant. If you purchase tube stock, please be aware of the plant/pot sizes given above. If you prefer a more established plant, please choose from the potted range (sizing for potted below).


For Potted plants you will receive:

-1 x Plant in a lightweight flexible pot. These pots are used to save freight costs and ease of packaging (round pots and don’t fit well in in square boxes). This pot’s function is meant to be a temporary home but will do quite nicely until they are acclimatized, and you are ready to plant into more stable potting. No need to re-pot immediately saving plant stress!

Potted plants come in 3 sizes, please note carefully what you can expect below:

Small pot – pot size is 10 x 8cm. Plant size will be a minimum 5cm up to 10cm. Roots will be well established (but not root bound). These will still be baby plants but growing rapidly with a healthy root/leaf system. Plants will have at least 4 healthy leaves and possibly more depending on the growth stage.

Medium pot – pot size is 11 x 10cm. Plant size will be 10cm up to 15cm. Several leaves or branches will be on the plant with multiple new shoots growing, showing medium to advanced development.

Large pot – pot size is 15 x 12cm. Plant size will be 15cm to 25cm. Multiple branches and new growth. Advanced development stage.

As plants are grown in different timeframes and stages, they will not be uniform in size but will fit under the size chart given above.

Please consider these sizing guides before buying as I will not refund for issues regarding disappointment about the plant sizing unless they are not as described above. If they are not as you purchased, then they will fall under the 100% satisfaction guarantee and you will be issued a replacement or refund.

Shipping, packing and handling times

All orders must be in by 4pm on Sunday to allow for order processing & packaging. All orders are shipped via Australia Post Express. Orders received after the cut-off day/time will be shipped the following Monday. 

Orders may be put on hold if temperatures exceed 35'C in SA at time of shipment and will be sent at the next available date. 


All plants come with a 100% money back or replacement guarantee if it does not arrive in excellent condition. For refunds and replacements contact must be made no later than 48 hours after delivery of goods with photo verification of the damaged plants. All requests after 48 hours of delivery are subject to plants being in environmental conditions beyond our control and will not be replaced or refunded. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review