Why don’t we list a physical address and phone number on the website?

We are a small family run business. As semi retirees we decided to leave our full-time jobs to open a website to sell plants we are passionate about and we propagate our own plants & cuttings on private property. We do not have a physical brick and mortar store and instead use online ordering only. As we propagate our own cuttings and plants in our own nursery in our back yard, we do not do door sales unless previously arranged in advance. We are also not available around the clock to answer the phone due to other commitments.


How can I contact you?

We have multiple methods of contact online, including facebook messenger, chat service, and the ‘contact us’ form. We do our best to get back to customers within 24 hours with any inquiries.


How long before I receive my order?

If you have ordered live plants we ship direct from our property in SA on Mondays via express post 1-4 days, unless your order is a pre-order item, then it will be shipped around the expected date of release as stated on your invoice and the item page at time of purchase.

If you have ordered other home & garden supplies, we order direct from multiple warehouse locations around Australia and Globally. The ship from location will be included on the item page, (ie, ship from AU, or USA, or China etc). If you have chosen the option to ship from your local country then you can expect your order to be delivered in standard local shipping times. If your order was placed as ship from China then your order will depend on international delivery times, which are usually anywhere from 15-35 days


What plants do we sell?

We have a collection of Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Osteospermums, and some succulents, herbs and other perennials. As we propagate our own cuttings on our own nursery we are limited to what we have currently available, however we are expanding our nursery and we will be adding more stock and some exciting new plants in the near future. You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive updated on when new stock is added.


Can we get other plants we don’t list online?

Unless we can get hold of a parent plant and start propagating from it, then we don’t have it. We are always on the lookout for what customers want and are happy for suggestions on new plant lines. Feel free to contact us and make a suggestion of what you would like us to add to our collection, we are open to ideas.


Where do you ship plants to?

At the moment we can only ship to certain non-restrictive states in Australia. We cannot ship outside of AU, and within AU we can only ship to SA, NSW, Vic, Qld, and ACT. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to ship to TAS, NT & WA due to state regulations. There is a lot of red tape in gaining our license to ship to restricted states and we are considering applying for our license in the future, but at present we can only ship to allowed states.


Do you have a guarantee on your products, including plants?

Yes, we have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction of delivery. If your plants or other products do not arrive in good order then you can contact us on the chat message on the website, contact us form, or email us directly at info@shipdirect2you.com with your issue and we will send out replacements. Please note that it is advisable to send us a picture of the damaged item if possible, to verify your claim. We will then organise replacements. If in the event that stock is not available, then a refund will be issued.


What payment services do you offer?

We have secure credit card, Paypal, Paypal pay in 4, Fast Payment, Google Pay, and Afterpay. All payment channels are secure and run by the third parties mentioned, who have their own privacy policies in place to protect the public. We do not see your personal banking details only the important stuff we need to process your order, such as your order details and contact details (we need your contact details to ship your item). All other details are hidden from us and kept safe for you. Any refunds are processed through the payment channel used at checkout exactly the same, just in reverse. 


Can I receive a refund different to how I paid?

Unfortunately as mentioned above, all payments are process via secure third party payment gateways, and therefore any refunds must be issued via the same channel. ie. if you payed via Paypal then the refund will be processed via Paypal, and the same with credit card, Afterpay, and FAST payments. We do not collect personal banking details so will not accept other personal account details other than those processed through the safe payment channels. This is to protect your privacy and ensures that we are complying with all relevant regulations. Any request to issue payments other than those originally used will be declined. 


Who we are & what we do. 


Gardening is our passion which we have turned into a business. We love everything about the Home & Garden, and yes this includes our beloved pets, which is why we have included this category in our store.


We cultivate our own Live Plants in South Australia and sell these as cuttings, tube stock or potted plants in our Nursery Section. But we know that caring for a garden is more than just about plants, so we have added categories in just about everything to do with the garden and home.


We are adding new stock regularly and hope to have thousands of new products over the next several months, most of which can be shipped globally (excluding live plants).


Due to the size of some products, we have had to limit shipment of some products to within Australia only, which will account for about 20% of products, but most can be shipped globally, and listings usually will state if there are shipping restrictions to areas outside of Australia on the item page.


Live plants are perishable goods and therefore can only be shipped within Australia, and due to quarantine regulations in some AU states we can only ship to NSW, SA, Vic, Qld, and ACT. Unfortunately, we do not yet have our license to ship to NT, WA and TAS, but we will be looking into this in the future. Any sales for live plants in the exclusion zones will be refunded shortly after the order.


All plants sold in the included zones (NSW, Vic, SA, ACT, Qld) will be shipped out via Australia Post Express the following Monday/Tuesday to allow for delivery before the following weekend, unless they are a pre-order item. Most Plant orders are delivered in 1-4 business days and come with our 100% money back guarantee.


All other Home & Garden products will be shipped out via standard postage services and will depend on the destination location or country for shipment times.


Our Live Plants Range


We propagate our own stock from a wide range of Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Osteospermums (African Daisies), succulents, herbs & indoor plants & other perennials. As stated these can ony be shipped to locations mentioned above so please make sure you are in NSW, Vic, ACT, SA or Qld only to order these.


For more information on how plants are packaged you can visit our blog on ‘how our live plants are packaged for shipment’ which includes a step-by-step photo stage of the process.


All other items are shipped out separately from plants due to the perishable and non-perishable content of the packages, but all packages will include a tracking number for convenience, and you will receive an automatic email with the shipment details.


If you want to keep updated on our new stock in plants or home & garden products, you can sign up for our email and get 20% off your first purchase by using the sign in form at the top of every page. You will then receive our newsletters when new stock is added and receive any promotional offers in future.


We hope to have you on board in future and support our small family business in South Australia. In the meantime, enjoy browsing our store and feel free to use the contact us link if you have any questions.