1 x Kinetic Rainbow Wind Spinner or 5 x Windmills 2m x 40.5cm

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Product Overview

Whether you are after a kinetic wind spinner or a simple garden windmill, you can enjoy a beautiful scenery in your garden perfectly when the wind blows. Made with exquisite rainbow design and premium weatherproof powder-coated material, this will last a long time in your garden, and you will be the envy of your neighbours every time the wind blows.

For each selection the sturdy ground pile is 200cm (78 in) long and ensures perfect stability and easy installation performance.

Kinetic Wind Spinner

For the kinetic wind spinner each element can rotate in the opposite direction while turning around the axis to product a charming mesmerizing effect.

Standard windmills

Beautiful sun reflective rainbow effects will brighten up any space in your garden.


Item: Double Rotating Windspinner or Standard Windmill

Ground Pile: 200cm (78 inches) long
Windmill diameter: 40.5cm/15.94 inch

Packing List:
1 x Rainbow Colour Iron Windspinner or Windmill with ground pile.


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