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12pcs Vertical Wall Hanging Stackable Self Watering Planter

$19.99 - $89.99
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Product Overview

1-12pcs Vertical Wall Hanging Stackable Self Watering Planter


This vertical wall planter has a unique water saving system. Each pot has a unique design similar to a self-watering container in which a certain level of water is container in the bottom rim for each plant and the excess is drained into the pot below. This works best with 2 or more layers to create a simple water saving garden.

Have a continuous supply of your favorite herbs or strawberries or plant of your choosing, without worrying whether they are getting enough water. Simply water from the top pot/s and the rest will take care of itself.

Simple to install, just use standard mesh (available in most hardware stores) to hang each planter on, or screw directly into the wall.

Each planter can be removed separately without disturbing the other plants.

Material: Plastic
Size: as shown
Color: Green, Dark green

1. When replacing plants, the planting cup can be taken out directly without dismantling the upper and lower pots.
2. For every four pots, only four screws at the top and bottom are needed. The tundish can be connected in series.
3. It is very suitable for planting at home or in the garden.
5. It can be suspended indoors and outdoors to purify the air.