25/50/75W Reptile Tortoise UVA+UVB 3.0 Full Spectrum Heating Lamp

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UVB Bulb
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Pet Heating lamp

Product Overview

Reptile Tortoise UVA+UVB 3.0 Heating Lamp Full Spectrum Sunlamps Basking Pet Bulb

Valid offers pet daily required intake of long-wave UVA ultraviolet light.
Improve & promote appetite and help digestion and nutritionally balanced growth.
Full Spectrum UVA & UVB.

Visible light to create a natural effect, promote the formation of D3, adequate absorption of calcium, helping to aid healthy growth.
Low-intensity UVB output 3.0 can provide sufficient UVB irradiation tropical type reptiles, thus facilitating reptile vitamin D3 synthesis in bone growth and thereby promote the growth of reptiles and increase vitality.
The full spectrum light bulb, can promote plant growth, (97%) UVA stimulates the appetite, activity and fertility, (3%) UVB promote the synthesis of vitamin D3. Can help the healthy growth of reptiles, fully absorb calcium, containing vitamin D3.

Material: Alloy
Power: 25W, 50W, 75W
Size: approx. 4.8*5cm/1.88*1.96''

This product is fragile, handle with care. Products are shipped after passing quality test.
When using the lamp, please pay attention to safety, do not touch the bulb to avoid burns. Before replacement, first cut off the power.
Use the end, after closing the lamp, do not immediately turn it on, because the sudden electric pulse plus the original bulb temperature may cause the bulb to burn out. Before switching on again allow appropriate cooling time before switching on! This can effectively extend the lamp service life.

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