Arrowhead Indoor Plant Albovirens Live Potted Plant

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Common name:
Arrowhead Plant
Plant habit:
House Plant
Part shade
Evergreen, variegated

Product Overview

Arrowhead Indoor Plant Albovirens Live Potted Plant

Botanical Name: Syngonium podophyllum ‘Albovirens


The plant features variegated cream or silver shades on the foliage, while some leaves have green margins over cream or white background.

Also known as arrowhead plants or arrowhead vines, they are vining plants with arrow-shaped, deep green to light green foliage, which is why they are referred to as arrowhead vines.

Native to Mexico, Central and South America, and the West Indies, they are climbing vines and the suckers will take root wherever they touch the ground.

While they do prefer bright to medium, indirect light to thrive to its full potential, they will grow just fine in low-light conditions

They are a tropical indoor plant though, so they prefer an average indoor humidity of 40-50% is adequate for these plants. These plants love to be in humid conditions; therefore, even humidity levels up to 60% keep Syngoniums happy.

This is a fairly thirsty houseplant, especially if it's in a small container or pot. Younger plants will need much less water, but bigger plants will need much more frequent watering as they age.

Given the right conditions they are really an easy plant to grow and ideal for the beginner indoor plant grower.


Height: up to 1.5m

Temperature: tropical 40%-60% humidity

Watering: regularly but don’t overwater so as to avoid root rot

Light: Bright indirect light



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