Why is it important to climatize your Shipdirect2you plants when you receive them?

Posted by Cassy Ellen on 27th Jul 2022

Why is it important to climatize your Shipdirect2you plants when you receive them?

Here at Shipdirect2you we grow our plants under climate-controlled conditions. Here in South Australia we can have temperatures that range from +40’C in summer and severe frosts in winter so in able to keep growing healthy plants all year round and avoid root strike stress, we cover our nursery in commercial plastic in winter and 30% shade cloth in summer to avoid frost & heat burn.

This helps us to continue to provide you plants with healthy leaves and flowers all year round.

What does this mean for you?

As we ship our plants to Qld, NSW, Vic, SA, and the ACT, each of these areas have different climatic conditions so it is important to realise what area your plants have come from and what you need to do to get your plants adjusted to your climate area before planting out.

Steps you should take

The first thing you need to do when you receive your plants is to let them sit in a sheltered area in the pots they have arrived in, giving them a bit of water if they are dry, but do not plant out straight away, as this will likely result in too much stress.

Your plants have just been on a journey in a dark box for 1-4 days, so they need to ‘rest’ and soak up a bit of light, but too much full sun right away may stress them out, so a filtered light under a patio, or indoors in a windowsill is ideal for a few days.

The longer you can leave your plants in their pots the less stress they will under while they adjust to their new environment. If you can leave them for a few weeks then by all means do that, but if you need to plant them out sooner a few days to adjust should be sufficient.

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, then it would be advisable to protect them once planted until they have developed a good root system in the ground so they are strong enough withstand the drought or frost conditions.

If you live in a milder area, you should be able to plant out as soon as the plants have adjusted to their new home after a few days.

How long until my plants are strong enough in the garden?

Once you plant your plants out into the garden, they will immediately start developing new root growth. You can tell if the plant is doing well underneath by what is happening above. By this I mean that if your plant starts growing new young leaf growth within the first month of planting out then you know that your plants have successfully taken to their new home.

Despite this it may be 2-4 months before your root system is strong enough for the plant to handle extreme weather conditions, so you may still need to nurse them until then. Once they are well developed you can relax on the care and most of our hardy plants will need little maintenance after that.


There is nothing more pleasing or exciting than to see your plants flower for the first time. Pictures do not always do the flowers credit, and there is nothing like holding a bloom in your hands and feeling it for yourself or seeing the bees going about their day on the buds.

We guarantee that our plants are suited for all areas of Australia that we can ship to. After all, if they can grow in our SA conditions then they will grow anywhere else.

The reason that we have made this blog is to ensure that you get the best chance to see your plants get to this point so you can enjoy them in full yourself. If you follow the guidelines above, we can assure you that you will have the best chance to see this happen and be able to enjoy them for yourself and be able to share the joy of gardening. Good luck and Enjoy!

Who we are & what we do. 


Gardening is our passion which we have turned into a business. We love everything about the Home & Garden, and yes this includes our beloved pets, which is why we have included this category in our store.


We cultivate our own Live Plants in South Australia and sell these as cuttings, tube stock or potted plants in our Nursery Section. But we know that caring for a garden is more than just about plants, so we have added categories in just about everything to do with the garden and home.


We are adding new stock regularly and hope to have thousands of new products over the next several months, most of which can be shipped globally (excluding live plants).


Due to the size of some products, we have had to limit shipment of some products to within Australia only, which will account for about 20% of products, but most can be shipped globally, and listings usually will state if there are shipping restrictions to areas outside of Australia on the item page.


Live plants are perishable goods and therefore can only be shipped within Australia, and due to quarantine regulations in some AU states we can only ship to NSW, SA, Vic, Qld, and ACT. Unfortunately, we do not yet have our license to ship to NT, WA and TAS, but we will be looking into this in the future. Any sales for live plants in the exclusion zones will be refunded shortly after the order.


All plants sold in the included zones (NSW, Vic, SA, ACT, Qld) will be shipped out via Australia Post Express the following Monday/Tuesday to allow for delivery before the following weekend, unless they are a pre-order item. Most Plant orders are delivered in 1-4 business days and come with our 100% money back guarantee.


All other Home & Garden products will be shipped out via standard postage services and will depend on the destination location or country for shipment times.


Our Live Plants Range


We propagate our own stock from a wide range of Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Osteospermums (African Daisies), succulents, herbs & indoor plants & other perennials. As stated these can ony be shipped to locations mentioned above so please make sure you are in NSW, Vic, ACT, SA or Qld only to order these.


For more information on how plants are packaged you can visit our blog on ‘how our live plants are packaged for shipment’ which includes a step-by-step photo stage of the process.


All other items are shipped out separately from plants due to the perishable and non-perishable content of the packages, but all packages will include a tracking number for convenience, and you will receive an automatic email with the shipment details.


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