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Natural Material 7pc Parrot Bird Toy Combo Pack

$34.99 - $39.99
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Birds Toy
7 pieces
Bird Size:
S, M, L

Product Overview

Natural Material 7pc Parrot Bird Toy Combo Pack


Product Description:

Item Type:Pet Toy Set



Target Audience:Birds

Size:As the Picture


1. Containing 7 different toys to meet the different demands to be used to train the pet's beak and feet and they can bring different fun to the bird.

2. The wood material is non-toxic and harmless for the bird, which is safe for them to play.

3. With the bells, they can attract the bird's attention easily to make them want to play automatically.

4. Designed with the chain and clip, they can be easy to install and fix on the cage.

5. Having a toy to play can help the bird to release the boredom and pressure.

Package Include:

1 x bird toy set(7pcs/lot)


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