Cat Hanging Bed Sunny Window Hammock for Cats up to 10kg

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cat window hammock
30cm x 50cm

Product Overview

1. Latest vacuum suction cup: evolved from the traditional push-type suction cup, simply turn the screw to release the air tightly, and maintain a vacuum state. The load capacity is significantly increased to 10kg
2. More space: the mat area has been improved to size. Even two cats can play without being cramped. Perfect for homes with a number of cats. An essential item for cat warmth & sunbathing
3. Long life & easy to clean: The mat cover can be used on both sides for all seasons. Made of durable mesh material, it can be used for a long time without wear. The machine washable design means no hassle maintenance
4. Easy to assemble: no tools or adhesives are required for easy assembly and firmly adheres to slippery surfaces. It can be used not only on windows, but also in many places
5. Your cat will enjoy it to play or take in the sun.



Material: cloth
Size: 30 x 50 cm

Package: 1 x cat hammock



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