Plush Calming Dog Cat Round Pet Bed, S-XL, 6 colours

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Dog Bed
Round Plush

Product Overview

Plush Calming Dog Cat Round Pet Bed, S-XL, 6 colours

Every pet deserves a safe and comfortable resting place. And our Pet Bed is just perfect to have your precious pet dog living and sleeping in incredible comfort. Made of a soft and durable material, our pet bed also helps to prevent the presence of fleas and bacteria within it. The material texture is super-skin-friendly and non-toxic too. Plus, it enables your pet to have better sleep and relaxation. And that simply means a healthier and happier pet. The non-slip base ensures that the pet bed is never out of place through robust use. Not least, the pet bed is easy to clean with a washable and removable cover. With its unrivalled quality and snug fit, our pet bed is definitely one that your pet will love in more ways than one. Available in a variety of colours.

Non-slip bottom
Washable/ Removable cover
Soft material with flea and bacteria prevention

Size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large
Colour: Charcoal, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Pink, White, Teal
Outer: Small 60cm, Medium 75cm, Large 90cm, XL 110cm
Inner: Small 30cm, Medium 45cm, Large 60cm, XL 70cm
Height: 25cm
Fit for pets: Small of ≤ 5kg, Medium ≤ 10kg, Large ≤ 25kg, XL ≤ 36kg
Surface material: Polyester
Filling material: Polypropylene cotton

Package Content:
1 x Pet Bed